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March 25, 2019 11:57 pm

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World Famous Stanley Cup Coming To Saugatuck-Douglas Sept. 5th

        On Saturday September 5, the sports industry’s most iconic trophy, The Stanley Cup, will spend the day among friends and Blackhawks fans in Saugatuck and Douglas.
        “The Cup” or “The Holy Grail” as it is often referred to is the highly prestigious championship trophy of the National Hockey League (NHL).  
        Last month  the Chicago Blackhawks won their third Stanley Cup in six years but their first victory at home since 1938 during Franklin D Roosevelt’s second term as President.
        The Cup is being brought to Saugatuck by three-time Stanley Cup Champion, Paul Goodman, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Chicago Blackhawks. The trophy will be here on Labor Day weekend as part of a victory tradition called “Players Day”.
        This tradition started in 1995 and allows each member of the championship team personal possession of The Cup for one day.
        Coach Goodman has chosen to celebrate his personal day with The Stanley Cup in the town in which he and his family reside part time during the off season.
        According to Coach Goodman, “This area is one of those places that become part of your soul if you have the opportunity to spend any amount of time here.
        “There is no place we would rather spend our day with The Stanley Cup than this incredible town.”
        The Stanley Cup is the most widely traveled championship trophy in the world. It has logged over 400,000 travel miles in the past five seasons alone.
        The Cup is always accompanied by one representative from the Hockey Hall of Fame.
        Victors have used the cup to baptize their children, it has appeared in the Rose Bowl Parade, it was a guest at the White House under Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.
        The Cup has also achieved many Los Angeles and New York celebrity TV glamour cameo appearances.
        It was taken on a roller coaster ride at Universal Studios, fed oats to a Kentucky Derby Race horse, held the worlds largest ice cream sundae, visited troops in Afghanistan, the space shuttle Atlantis’s flight deck, and injured Marines at Camp Lejeune.
        Susan Goodman, Coach Goodman’s wife, is working in collaboration with the Saugatuck-Douglas Convention & Visitors Bureau to co-ordinate the The Cup’s appearances during it’s one day visit to the Saugatuck- Douglas area.      Exciting plans are currently underway. For more information please contact the Saugatuck-Douglas Visitors Bureau (269) 857-1701.

World Famous Stanley Cup Coming To Saugatuck-Douglas Sept. 5th

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