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June 16, 2019 7:55 am

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Vote "NO" On Township/County Recycling Boondoggle

    Anyone in Saugatuck Township wanting to waste $36 a year for five years on a county-created boondoggle to get you to pay for an unneeded, duplicative recycling program - that in reality is only a money-maker for the county, feel free to vote for it during next Tuesday’s election.
        We’re hoping Saugatuck Township residents are smarter than that!
        Here’s the reasons to vote it down:
        * Most, if not all township residents with trash service already have access to recycling through their own waste service.
        * The township also has - for an extra $25 per year payment - a curbside recycling program of its own for those that need it.
        * Of the $36 per year for the next five years the township/county recycling program is asking you  to vote for on Tuesday (Aug. 2), the county would get its cut for “administrative services” and, get this, the township was told by County Recycling Coordinator Ben Williams the township could keep and use any extra funds generated over the amount needed to pay the county and the township’s actual recycling program costs, for anything it wanted to. That’s your dollars being given to the township for nothing!
        City of Saugatuck officials recognized an unjustifiable boondoggle to sucker their citizens when it was presented to them and refused to put it on their ballot.
        Good for them. That’s responsible government.
        Vote NO for the township/county recycling plan on Tuesday. Don’t be fooled!  

Vote “NO” On Township/County Recycling Boondoggle

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