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March 21, 2019 11:54 pm

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Tri-Community Homeowners Can Expect To See Water & Sewer Bill Increases In April

     A typical residential household in the Tri-Community could well see its water and sewer bill increase by $5.20 per month, Saugatuck City Council Member Mark Bekken, who is also board president of the Kalamazoo Lake Sewer and Water Authority (KLSWA), announced at Monday’s council meeting.
      The rate increase will be reflected on customers’ April bill reflecting their March consumption, as KLSWA bills for usage from the month before.
        “These rate increases are necessary to adjust to the continued price increase the KLSWA pays for our operational commodities (electric, insurance, parts) along with the lost revenues from the closing of the Haworth facility,” reads a memo, in part, from KLSWA Manager Daryl Vandyke to the KLSWA board.
        The Haworth building constituted about three to five percent of the wastewater treatment plant’s annual revenue, explained Bekken.
        “The other significant influences on the increases are for current and near future projects such as the biosolids removal at the wastewater treatment plant; the projects necessary prior to the reservoir work; and the purchase of new field trucks,” Vandyke wrote.
        So an average residential home with a two-person occupancy  -using an average of 100 gallons per day for each person for a total of 6,000 gallons per month - would see its water and sewer monthly bill increase by $5.20.
        Customers who don’t fit this “typical” category, (e.g., businesses, large families, water-only customers, etc.) are encouraged to go online at: to get more information on the fee schedules and answers to other questions.
        The wastewater treatment plant has two fees, a usage fee and a base fee. The former entails the sewer fee at $2.65 per 1,000 gallons and the water fee at $1.85 per 1,000 gallons.
        The base fee is dictated by the meter size of individual users.
        In other city business, the Saugatuck City Council Monday unanimously approved two new appointments to the Planning Commission: Daniel Fox and Richard Crawford, the former’s term expiring July 1, 2015 and the latter’s term expiring on July 1, 2017.
        Fox has 30-year’s experience in advertising and is a current board member of the Saugatuck Center for the Arts.
        And Crawford has served previous stints on the Saugatuck City Planning Commission as well as the Saugatuck City Council, including a mayoral role in 1993 and 1994.

Tri-Community Homeowners Can Expect To See Water & Sewer Bill Increases In April

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