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June 16, 2019 7:55 am

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SPS' Robotics Team Preparing "Arm Kits" To Excite, Teach Younger Elementary Students

      Another secret gem within Saugatuck Public Schools is the robotics team. Robotics team members experience robotics first hand while learning to work in a team environment solving complex problems.
        So far this season the team has been developing robotic arm kits. These kits will be given to elementary aged students so they can experience the wonders of robotics. One of the challenges of developing these arm kits is overcoming the design problem of creating and handling materials.
        Gavin Poulton has been leading this task by creating several 3-D printed prototypes.
        Also leading the way on this project have been Jimmy Milkowski and Tristan DeYoung who use their fabrication skills.
       This month teams will find out what the 2017 FIRST Robotics Challenge is and then have six weeks to build a robot to overcome at least a dozen different obstacles.
        While some teams start out using a pre-made kit, Saugautuck’s team will start off with sheets of raw aluminum.
        Jacob Scott, who learned how to weld last season, will put his skills to the test by creating an aluminum chassis.
       Michelle Milkowski will design computer numerical control (CNC) programs to cut specialized parts.
        At the same time, Nick Chambers will begin programing the new robot.
        Marlaina Leo will be the spokesperson for Saugatuck’s team and will be networking with other teams, which is a very important part of the competition.
        All this work will be done right here in Saugautck’s own facility.
       Last year Saugatuck’s student-built robot won the District Championship at GVSU, and two years ago the team earned the Judges Award for their efforts.
       The team would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to their 2017 current sponsors: Haworth, ThreeJoy Associates, and Gentex.      
       Without sponsorship, the robotics team would not be possible.   
       Saugatuck’s exceptional robotics team is coached by Vince Heyser and mentored by Kevin Keller.

SPS’ Robotics Team Preparing “Arm Kits” To Excite, Teach Younger Elementary Students

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