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March 21, 2019 11:53 pm

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Sixth-Annual Visiting Artist Celebration Show At Douglas Elementary On May 5

        The Douglas Elementary  (DES) Art room has been buzzing with excitement due to the fast approaching date of the Visiting Artist Celebration!
        The Visiting Artist Celebration Show will be held on Tuesday May 5th from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Douglas Elementary.
        This is the sixth year of the Visiting Artist Series held at DES, in which each grade has the privilege of working with a local artist for a number of weeks.
        The artists teach about their work, inspirations, and creative process, and then present the students with their own personal or collaborative project.
        All of these projects will be displayed at the Visiting Artist Celebration!
        This journey began in mid December with the first artist, painter Max Matteson, who worked with the 2nd grade class. Max shared a few of his paintings, taught color mixing, and about horizon.
        The second visiting artist to arrive was Krista Reuter, a cut paper artist, who worked with the 4th grade class.
        The third visiting artist was Ronna Alexander, a graphic recorder, who worked with the 1st grade class.     Ronna spoke about her work and creative process, then she taught the 1st graders about insects, their anatomy, their variety of uniqueness, and students chose and drew an insect on a panel canvas.      The forth artist to visit was wire sculptor Jessica Bohus, who worked with the 3rd grade class.
        The fifth artist to visit was Joel Schoon-Tanis, a painter, who worked with the kindergarten class.
        The sixth artist to visit was Judy Anthrop, a watercolor painter and textile artist, who worked with the 5th grade class.

Sixth-Annual Visiting Artist Celebration Show At Douglas Elementary On May 5

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