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June 16, 2019 7:36 am

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Saugatuck Residents, Business Owners Can Sign Up For Periodic Sheriff's Checks This Winter

“If you spend time away from your home or business during the winter, Saugatuck city residents and business owners can take advantage of the Allegan County Sheriff’s Office property inspection service. While you are away, the Saugatuck city sheriff deputies will make periodic checks on your home or business,” announces a City of Saugatuck public notice.

The communication was part of Monday’s Saugatuck City Council meeting.

To enroll in the service—the program was recently made available to Saugatuck residents—applicants can simply complete a Property Inspection Request form, available to download at under the “on-line forms” tab, and submit it to city hall.

Examples of conditions and situations the Allegan County Sheriff deputies - who are dedicated to the City of Saugatuck per a contractual agreement - would be looking out for includes anything from heavy snow build-up on roofs to suspicious house activity and circumstances.

“Periodically, we’ll send a notice to residents saying, ‘Your house is okay,’” Allegan County Sherrif Lt. Brett Ensfield told the council and the public during his report at Monday’s meeting about the program.

“It’s a good thing; I think it’s actually needed.”

The form will ask such things as: “Describe any vehicles that will be in the driveway or garage,” and “Detail any lights that will be left on or set up on a timer.”

In other Saugatuck city sheriff deputy business, Allegan County Sheriff Lt. Brett Ensfield reported Monday that he and his colleagues are still investigating the recent break-ins at downtown’s Uncommon Coffee Roasters and the Star of Saugatuck Boat Cruises.

Saugatuck Sheriff Deputies suspect it’s the same person or group of persons that executed the burglaries because they had similar evidence traces.

The door screens were cut and the door locks unlocked from the inside; subject or subjects knew where the cash register was precisely located; and they evaded being recorded by security cameras.

Persons with any leads are encouraged to contact city hall at (269) 857-2603.

With Saugatuck having contracted police service from the Allegan County Sheriff’s Department, the Michigan Department of Treasury recently awarded Saugatuck more than $160,000 towards three new fully equipped Ford SUV police inceptor vehicles, an expense the local taxpayer were saved from shouldering.

City officials more recently chose one of five different graphic designs for those vehicles, identifying that the county sheriff deputies are deputies dedicated to the City of Saugatuck.

Saugatuck Residents, Business Owners Can Sign Up For Periodic Sheriff’s Checks This Winter

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