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June 16, 2019 7:15 am

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Saugatuck-Douglas Police Officers Praised For Heroic Effort In Saving Heart Attack Victim

      Douglas city and Saugatuck Township fire department officials publicly thanked and gave recognition to Saugatuck-Douglas Police Officers Lori Warsen and Jon Bender for their heroic act in reviving a man at the local bowling alley this past summer.
        “They got there before us. They saved a life that day,” said Saugatuck Township Fire District Department Chief Greg Janik.
        The heroic pair were praised by the city and fire officials at the Douglas City Council meeting last week.
        On the evening of July 24, Warsen and Bender responded to a call at Alley’s Classic American Diner and Bowl, where 70-year-old William Quinlivan was experiencing a cardiac arrest.
        Through CPR and the use of an AED, they were able to assist him.
        Janik lauded the cooperative spirit between the two public service entities.
        “We have a great police department. They don’t get enough credit, (yet) they are invaluable to the community and the fire department,” he said.
        That day’s positive result was also attributed to the use of an  Automated External Defibrillators (AED), and the fire department’s hitherto successful efforts in acquiring them.
        The fire department, through its aggressive grant-applying campaign, was able to obtain a new AED valued at $2,500. It, in turn, gave it to the police department.
        “It’s (an AED) literally the difference between life or death,” Officer Warsen told The Local Observer at the meeting.
        In other related city business, Douglas city officials told their counterparts in Saugatuck, in light of the proposed formation of a Tri-Community joint police study committee (involving the cities as well as well as the township) it was not an appropriate time to discuss a revised inter-governmental police agreement.
        The committee will be responsible for studying options, including the option of an authority combining all emergency services (fire, police and first responders).
        The cities equally share in the costs of operating the police department, but as Saugatuck City Manager Kirk Harrier’s October 21 letter to Douglas indicates, there are a number of issues Saugatuck is interested in reviewing along with possibly updating the existing police contract.
        “Saugatuck City Council members have expressed interest in the City of Saugatuck having an equal degree of involvement in the approval of a new police chief.
        “The existing agreement does not allow this opportunity,” noted Harrier.
        To which Douglas City Manager Bill LeFevere responded,  “We don’t know the changes that may come from this police study committee.
        “To talk about a revised inter-governmental agreement is a little premature.”

Saugatuck-Douglas Police Officers Praised For Heroic Effort In Saving Heart Attack Victim

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