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March 25, 2019 2:44 pm

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Saugatuck City Council Invites All Citizens To Comment On Proposed 2014-'15 Budget

      The Saugatuck City Council will provide constituents the opportunity to comment on the $2 million budget proposal for fiscal year 2014-2015 at the June 23 meeting.
        The announcement was made at Monday’s meeting.
        “All are welcome to participate,” said Saugatuck City Manager Kirk Harrier.
        The fiscal year ends on June 30 and begins anew on July 1. A draft of the budget can be viewed at the city’s website at:, under the heading “City Council”.
        The city does not plan on raising taxes for operational purposes; it proposes to keep the same millage rate as it has been the last five fiscal years at 12.0 mills.
        The draft budget shows that a quarter of the requested general fund budget - $542,000 - is being requested for police services, which Saugatuck contracts from the City of Douglas, while the public works requested budget comes in at $409,413.
        The city’s budget for 2013-2014, which ends at the end of this month, shows a projected activity balance of $153,538 when projected appropriations are subtracted from projected revenues.
        That balance will be rolled into the fund balance, estimated to be $1,975,818.
        In other city business, the Saugatuck City Council approved a change order to the 2013 South Maple Street improvement and slope repair project due to unexpected ground water seepage.
        That seepage was not present when the contractor first reviewed the project. It has eroded part of the slope since the original repair worked was done last fall, said Kirk Harrier.
        “It appears that this may be a condition that occurs only in the spring time,” said representatives from the city’s engineering firm, Fleis & VandenBrink, in a recent memo.      The fix, as recommended by the engineers, is an under drain pipe with stone backfill, installed across the slope to intercept the seeping groundwater.
        An outlet pipe would run down the slope to the drainage swale at the bottom.
        The cost of the repairs the contractor has submitted comes to a total of $28,550 which Harrier says Saugatuck Township will contribute half towards because it constitutes a border area with a road - although owned by Saugatuck - provides access to a number of residents in the township.
        The original contract amount for the South Maple Street project was $204,119.50. With the change order that was approved at Monday’s meeting the new contract amount is $232,669.50.

Saugatuck City Council Invites All Citizens To Comment On Proposed 2014-‘15 Budget

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