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Peggy Boyce Honored As 2017 Saugatuck Citizen Of The Year

      Peggy Boyce, considered one of the most highly respected  grand ladies of the city has been recognized as Saugatuck’s Citizen of the Year for 2017.
        Peggy is a native of Saugatuck, born in the hospital building which is now a shop on the back corner of the little alley in front of the Christian Science church.  
        She’s a 1950 graduate of Saugatuck High School who earned her degree from Grand Valley State College in 1972, after raising eight children and hosting at least six foreign exchange students.
        During those years she led Campfire Girls, Youth for Understanding Student Exchange Program, served on the Saugatuck School Board, Saugatuck Art Club, and First Congregational Church.  
        Peggy was the first woman to work as a Saugatuck Election Inspector.
        In the Art Club, Peggy held many positions on the board and served as president several times.
        At First Congregational Church, Peggy taught and led Sunday School and Summer Bible School for many years. As an officer of the church, she served on the Christian Education Board and also led the church as Moderator.  
        For the sesquicentennial of the church, she compiled and wrote a church history booklet. Peggy has served in leadership roles at the state and national levels for her church as well.  
        Twenty years ago Peggy opened her Discovery Art Co-op on Water Street. She and many other local artists have built up a solid business consisting of selling artwork created by local artists. Peggy displays oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings as well as silver jewelry at the shop.  
        She was an early supporter who headed up a committee to get the Saugatuck Center for the Arts (SCA) off the ground. One of her tasks was retrieving a theater projection screen and the seats from a movie theater in Grand Rapids which donated the equipment to the SCA.  
        Peggy’s greatest contribution to the City of Saugatuck has been her long term of service on the Historic Commission.  
        She came on the board when the city first started to create the Historic District and only recently retired in 2016.  
        She enjoyed learning about all the great architecture in Saugatuck and contributed her historical perspective, as one of the few committee members who grew up in town and could look holistically at the various proposals presented to the commission over the years.   
        Peggy also faithfully wore her Civil War costume and walked in the 4th of July parade every year to promote the Historic Commission.
        A reception to honor Peggy will be held from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts, 400 Culver Street, Saugatuck, MI 49453.
        Peggy’s friends, business associates, neighbors and family are invited to attend.
        The Citizen of the Year Award is named for former Saugatuck Mayor Tony Vettori who established the award.  
        The award is intended to recognize an outstanding City of Saugatuck resident who has demonstrated exceptional community service and extraordinary achievement in public service, sports, arts, music, science or an act of heroism while fostering community participation and involvement.
        The first recipient was Sylvia Randolph in 2005.  Other winners were Jane Van Dis, Mike Johnson, Russ and Ginger Wilkinson, Joy Muehlenbeck, Phil Miller, Fitz and Thelma Coghlin, Chuck and Patti Rickett, Peg Sanford, Larry Botz, Marilyn Starring and Father Corwin Stoppel.

Peggy Boyce Honored As 2017 Saugatuck Citizen Of The Year

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