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March 18, 2019 2:30 pm

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No Plan Yet For Miro Property, Say Douglas Officials

   The City of Douglas lacks “a plan” relative to the recently purchased 16 ½-acre portion of the former Miro Golf Course, a concerned neighbor told the city council during Monday’s meeting.
   City officials said the property will provide storage space for the city’s Department of Public Works.
   “I think it could be a great opportunity for public property to be a good neighbor,” said local resident Dana Burd, who spoke before council at the meeting. “But I still feel the city needs to come forth with a clarification; the city doesn’t seem to have a plan and has not defined the scope (of a possible development).”
   Douglas officials conceded Monday that indeed there was no certain, specific plan for the property for the time being, and it is asking the community for patience. Douglas City Manager Bill LeFevere assured the public that any move on the part of the city for the time being would constitute “no buildings” on the golf course property.
   However, he hinted that the outcome of the proposed merger of the city with its neighbor across the bridge - the City of Saugatuck - may change things when he added, “We don’t know what is going to happen with consolidation.”
   Burd is not the lone concerned resident; other neighbors of the property, located off of Wiley Street. (6825 130th Ave.), north of the I-196 overpass, have expressed apprehension over an uncertain future, saying they are concerned over how the new city land acquisition may impact their property.
   “The fear that people have over there (neighbors of the property) is that we are going to park our big trucks and have them sit out there in the field,” said Douglas Mayor Pro Tem Martha Hoexter, suggesting that will not happen.
   “I understand the nervousness,” said Douglas Council Member Lisa Greenwood.
   With a price tag of $196,600, the golf course property is meant to provide storage space for the DPW’s equipment and materials because the property where the department now operates is landlocked and has limited space.
   The public works department also currently uses the small structure at Wade’s Bayou Park to house its equipment. The purchase of the golf course property means that structure will be completely knocked down, thereby allowing the city to make improvements at the park.
   “Hang on and be patient until we have a plan,” said Douglas Council Member Diane Bailey.

No Plan Yet For Miro Property, Say Douglas Officials

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