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March 26, 2019 12:50 am

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New Election Tabulators Throughout Allegan County Are Working Great: Genetski

ALLEGAN - December 19th-) New voting systems in Allegan County are proving to be incredibly accurate and reliable according to County Clerk Bob Genetski.
“We are extremely pleased with accuracy of the new tabulators deployed throughout the county in 2018,” Genetski said.

“We expected them to perform well, but audits and hand recounts of individual races performed are backing up the election night vote totals with excellent consistency.”

The Clerk noted that the new Dominion Voting Systems tabulators were first used in 41 precincts throughout Allegan County during the August primary election and then again for the November general election.

Three recounts (in three different jurisdictions) and three state mandated post- election audits have been conducted since the August Election.

“Each of the recounts were conducted by the bi-partisan Allegan County Board of Canvassers.

“The audits- mandated by the Secretary of State- were performed by my office and included hand counts of the votes for the races for Attorney General, Allegan County Probate Court and State Proposal 3,” Genetski explained.

In total, 17,375 thousand paper ballots were recounted by hand and a total of two votes changed from counts on election night.

Clerk Genetski stated, “that’s an error rate of .000115% of all the votes tabulated.”

The clerk cited an article from which claims that voting machines “’fail to capture voter intent up to 4% of the time.’”*

“Obviously, we feel very good about the numbers we are seeing from Allegan County jurisdictions,” the former legislator added. He also said the positive audit and recount results are not just a reflection of the machines but “the hard work and professionalism of local clerks and our election workers that assist voters with the election process throughout the county.”

The breakdown of the election night tabulations vs. the hand counts were as follows:

• August 7 Election - Dorr Township Waste Reduction and Recycling Proposal 1,711 ballots were cast on election night. The tabulators said the proposal passed by 15 votes. The Board of Canvassers recount affirmed the measure passed by 15 votes.

• November 6 Election – Casco Township, South Haven Public Schools School Board race had 1,169 ballots cast with 35 “write in” votes. A hand count of the ballots showed 35 write ins.

• November 6 Election – the Plainwell City Commission race had four candidates running for three seats. On election night the tabulators showed 2,785 total votes among the four candidates with two candidates tied at 608 votes each. A hand recount broke the tie showing one candidate with 609 votes, the other with 607. The Board of Canvassers determined another candidate also lost one vote from the initial tally.

• State mandated audit of the November 6 Election for Saugatuck Township – the hand count revealed that for the 1,939 votes cast among five candidates in the race for Attorney General, the machines allocated every vote exactly where voters intended. The same held true for the 1,283 votes for the Probate Judge race and the 1,955 votes cast in the Proposal 3 Ballot Initiative.

• State mandated audit of the November 6 Election for Valley Township – with 828 votes for attorney general on election day, the hand recount showed the results for each of the five candidates to be the exact same as tabulated on election night. The Allegan County Probate Judge race (652 votes) and Proposal 3 with 833 votes also validating initial results exactly.

• State mandated audit of the November 6 Election for the City of Wayland – the hand count of the votes cast on Election Day (1,524 among the five candidates) revealed the tabulator achieved voter intent on every ballot. The same held true for the 1,173 votes for Probate Judge as well as for the 1,523 votes cast on the Prop 3 initiative.

New Election Tabulators Throughout Allegan County Are Working Great: Genetski

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