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June 18, 2019 4:42 pm

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Mother Of Reprimanded Saugatuck Township Manager Criticized For Her Verbally Attacking, Confronting Son's Critics - In Public And Even In Their Own Homes

The mother of controversial Saugatuck Township Manager Aaron Sheridan, who has been officially and publicly reprimanded and chastised for his angry, belligerent and explosive rants against fellow township officials, local and other fire department personnel and members of the public, has been going on a rant of her own against people supporting the recall removal of four of the five township board members and firing of her son.

Tanya Sheridan, Aaron’s mother and wife of retired judge Steven Sheridan, has reportedly been verbally accosting recall supporters and blaming The Local Observer, local fire department officials, Saugatuck and Douglas city officials and others for reporting on and criticizing her son’s and the township officials’ actions.

Members of the grassroots organization Saugatuck Township Recall, along with hundreds of Saugatuck Township taxpayers who are signing recall petitions, are seeking to remove the officials and Aaron Sheridan citing multiple incidents of their secret actions, failure to inform the public of decisions that will negatively financially impact residents in the future, hiding items on the public agenda, endangering the public and business owners by unilaterally changing long-established fire codes to benefit developers, refusal to tape and televise public meetings and more.

Those critics and recall supporters are all among Tanya Sheridan’s main targets in her verbal blasts, according to several township residents, local officials and even some of her own neighbors who asked to remain unidentified citing Tanya Sheridan’s angry public confrontations with anyone who disagrees with her.

Saugatuck Township Recall is a grassroots group working to unseat four of the five township elected officials - Clerk Brad Rudich, Treasurer Lori Babinski, and Trustees Doug Lane and Roy McIlwaine - and is currently collecting recall petition signatures from township residents. If successful, voters will decide whether to remove the four officials from office in an upcoming election.

Since Aaron Sheridan is not an elected official - and is appointed by the township board of trustees - the group is also seeking to have a new slate of trustees fire him if the recall effort is successful.

Tanya Sheridan is accused of aiming her verbal guns against anyone opposed to her son or the township board trustees who this past fall ignored a motion by Saugatuck Township Supervisor Jon Phillips to fire Aaron Sheridan after a profanity laced outburst by Aaron at the township hall and instead only voted to officially reprimand him and order him to attend anger management classes which, to date, he has reportedly not attended.

Aaron Sheridan’s angry outbursts are only some of the many complaints made against him over the years. For example, Saugatuck Township Fire District officials have called Aaron Sheridan arrogant, anger-filled, unprofessional, uninformed and prone to violence.

Scores of residents, government officials, business owners and others say Aaron Sheridan has also routinely over the years provided them with false information, sometimes ignores legitimate requests for township information or township positions on various topics, publicly yells at and talks down to people he disagrees with, often lies about his actions and information he says he has researched, and more.

Aaron Sheridan has not commented publicly on the township board’s own reprimand of his actions.

Several township and Saugatuck and Douglas residents who contacted The Local Observer recounted various recent confrontations with Tanya Sheridan and her verbal blasts against The Local Observer, fire department officials, city leaders and others who dared to criticize her son’s actions.

“The arrogance of Tanya Sheridan and her husband know no bounds,” said one township resident and a neighbor of the Sheridans who asked to remain unnamed citing concern over Tanya’s explosive confrontations with anyone who challengers her, her son or her husband.

“She is always throwing up how much she and her husband have done for the community and that they deserve to be treated better. We’ve known Aaron since he was a child and he was always a rude, arrogant little self-entitled brat…and that has not changed. We are not surprised by his unacceptable actions. Suffice it to say the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree!”

An example of Tanya Sheridan’s angry outbursts and what some claim are her inappropriate actions comes in a recent email obtained by The Local Observer that was penned by Saugatuck Township resident Jon Helmrich, an advocate of recalling the township trustees and having Aaron Sheridan fired.

In that email sent to fellow members of Saugatuck Township Recall, a group working to provide voters the choice to remove the four township officials, Helmrich wrote:

“Hi all…just a quick FYI…I had an open house today from Noon - 4….got 8 signers I didn’t have before! Then…at 4:45, Tanya Sheridan marches in…never even said who she was…to berate me for the witch hunt against her son, Aaron. She was tieing the recall into the Observer, etc. etc.

“I did my best to stay cool and explain the many issues we voters have with our elected officials and listed the items. She just went on and on about the witch hunt and all the free legal advice the township has received from the Sheridans for 30 years.

“I was saved when another neighbor appeared to sign the petitions! Now I’m just wondering who told her to come to me…guess we should all be aware and prepared for emotional views not in sync with our own.

Cheers, Jon

Numerous attempts to reach Tanya Sheridan for comment were unsuccessful. Telephone calls to her for comment were not returned.

Mother Of Reprimanded Saugatuck Township Manager Criticized For Her Verbally Attacking, Confronting Son’s Critics - In Public And Even In Their Own Homes

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