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June 16, 2019 6:34 am

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Mill Pond Realty's Laura Durham Helping Area Students Follow Their Dreams Through Generous Scholarships

        Many children grow up hearing the phrase “follow your dreams.” The advice is noble but more complicated than it seems.
        As children grow up and leave the world of high school, they realize that any dream worth having requires a great deal of effort and resources.
        To help lighten the burden on Saugatuck and Fennville students, local realtor Laura Durham started a new philanthropic undertaking last year - The “Follow Your Dreams” Scholarship.
        Durham, president of Mill Pond Realty, is certainly no stranger to philanthropy.
        She is a mainstay in the Saugatuck volunteer community and can be seen contributing her time and resources toward everything from helping local handicapped people find affordable housing to making cookies and hot chocolate for the Christmas Lighting Ceremony.
        Last year Durham also established the “Follow Your Dreams” Scholarship. She entered the field of realty at the age of 20, so Durham wishes to demonstrate how following one’s passion is worthwhile.
        The scholarship annually rewards two students, one from Saugatuck the other from Fennville, who are pursuing a calling and striving to meet it.
        The scholarship takes more than just GPA into account. Durham told The Local Observer,
        “While the traditional GPA and the plan to attend collage are great, my focus is to help those that have a focused career dream and a passion for that career goal, be it a collage or trade school to start that journey.”
        Last year winners of the first inaugural “Follow Your Dreams” scholarship were Skylar Ann Fucile from Saugatuck and Missie Latham from Fennville. Fucile is now studying nursing at Florida Keys Community College, and Latham is exploring a vocation in business and health education at Lake Michigan College.
        The winners for this year have not been decided yet. However, Durham promises a winner within two weeks.

Mill Pond Realty’s Laura Durham Helping Area Students Follow Their Dreams Through Generous Scholarships

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