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March 18, 2019 2:01 pm

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Paul Marineau

Marineau Throws Hat In Ring For U.S. Senate Seat

      West Michigan attorney, certified public accountant and law professor Paul Marineau, a former Douglas mayor pro-tem and long-time resident of the popular resort towns of Saugatuck and Douglas, today announced his intention to run as an independent candidate for the open U.S. Senate seat to be vacated by Carl Levin in the November 2014 general election.
        Marineau said he decided to enter the U.S. Senate race to offer the voters of Michigan a “real choice for an authentic voice” to represent them in Washington.
       “I made my decision to run for this open U.S. Senate seat because our current elected representatives from the two major political parties have repeatedly shown that they are incapable of addressing the many serious challenges facing our state and country.  
        “I firmly believe that I have the necessary personal and professional experiences, skills, financial backing, and grassroots support to win this U.S. Senate seat.  
        “This type of candidacy was also pursued by two other independent candidates who are now U.S. Senators from Maine (Angus King) and Vermont (Bernie Sanders]) so there are election results that support our optimism,” said Marineau.
        “It appears as if both the Democrats and the Republicans have hand-picked the usual cookie-cutter, party-line candidates to carry their flags in this U.S. Senate race and continue the same tired, worn out tactics that have had a detrimental impact on Michigan’s economy and promise for tomorrow,” said Marineau.
        He noted that current elected representatives from the two major political parties have failed to live up to their promises to the American people “and voters should not continue to reward these politicians at the ballot box for their mediocrity and failures.  
        “At each congressional election, American voters are given a false choice when they are asked to choose between two candidates on either end of the political spectrum and I believe that the vast majority of these voters end up supporting the candidate who they dislike the least,” said Marineau.
        “I think Michiganders have grown tired of the same political games and hollow rhetoric we’ve heard time and again.  
        “The gridlock, partisanship, and childish behavior in Washington have led to skyrocketing unemployment, ineffective and wasteful federal programs, and heartbreaking decline in many of Michigan’s cities, townships, and counties.  
        “The American people, and specifically the voters of Michigan, deserve so much better from their federal government,” said Marineau.
        “I am not in this race to advance any partisan agenda and I will not be beholden to anyone but the people of the State of Michigan.  It’s time to get back to a common sense approach to government and away from the partisan extremes that have exacerbated our problems.
        “If I am elected, I will live in the aisle of the U.S. Senate and focus my energies on bringing Republicans and Democrats together as Americans to develop long-term solutions to our country’s many challenges and put our state on a sustainable path to prosperity,” said Marineau. “The voters of Michigan have a unique opportunity to be part of a grassroots movement to establish a real voice for everyday Michiganders in Washington.
        “It is also my hope that this grassroots movement in Michigan will spark a nationwide movement to reclaim our federal government from non-descript, career politicians coated with Teflon and beholden solely to their respective political parties, thereby furthering their own self-interests.    “I would encourage everyone to visit my campaign website
[] and seriously consider getting involved in my campaign,” said Marineau.
        The newly minted candidate said he plans to visit all of Michigan’s 83 counties in the course of the campaign to connect with voters and local officials and to see and hear for himself the needs and aspirations of the people of the state.  
        “From Hillsdale to Houghton, Detroit to Drummond Island and all parts in-between, I will be in every corner of our state because every Michigander counts,” he said.
        Marineau added he would continue to assemble a robust, vibrant campaign team and gradually unveil a series of policy positions on the “real issues” that affect Michiganders.  
        A formal campaign kickoff to launch his candidacy is scheduled for later this spring.

Marineau Throws Hat In Ring For U.S. Senate Seat

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