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March 26, 2019 12:44 am

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William Wester Sr.

Local Observer Sues Saugatuck Township Supervisor For Refusal To Pay For 2012 Political Advertising

      Perspective Media Corp., parent company of The Local Observer newspaper, is suing  Saugatuck Township Supervisor William Wester Sr., for refusing to pay $300 plus interest for a political ad he authorized and signed a contract for - and which was published  Nov. 1, 2012 - for his then-re-election campaign.
        An attorney for the newspaper company filed the action in Allegan County District Court’s Small Claims Court on October 1 after repeatedly trying - unsuccessfully - to have Wester pay his bill.
        Wester was served with a complaint and summons at his home at 6533 Clearbrook Drive in Saugatuck and now must appear in Allegan County District Court on November 5, 2013 to address the civil case against him for breach of contract.
        The Local Observer has repeatedly sent Wester monthly invoices for the $300 he owes for the political advertising - plus acruing interest as agreed to by Wester in the contract - but the newspaper company never received payment.
       When an Observer sales representative recently called Wester to ask for the payment and to find out why he was not paying, Wester reportedly became irate and asked, “Why are you still trying to collect on that since it’s been so long ago?”
        Subsequently, legal correspondence also was sent to Wester requesting payment, but he still has refused to make any payment.
        Local Observer Editor Mike Gallagher said the newspaper has a contract signed by Wester for the advertisement, the newspaper ran the ad as requested “and Mr. Wester has simply refused to pay for it.
        “Advertising is the product we sell,” said Gallagher. “If we provide you this service and then you refuse to pay for it, you can expect us  to take legal action as necessary.
        “It’s too bad it had to come to this,” added Gallagher. “As many people know, we have always worked with anyone who has had trouble paying their bill, but that is not the case here. Everyone I know, including myself, is expected to pay for what they buy and Mr. Wester is no different.
        “For a public official to so blatantly refuse to pay for something he requested and was provided certainly raises a lot of questions… especially someone in a position of public trust and also in charge of our public tax dollars,” he said. “Mr. Wester needs to pay his bills like everyone else!”

Local Observer Sues Saugatuck Township Supervisor For Refusal To Pay For 2012 Political Advertising

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