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April 22, 2019 11:59 am

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Lakeshore Habitat For Humanity Celebrating 25 Years Of Helping Others With Help From The Holland Restore

     Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) began in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller and has built over 500,000 homes worldwide. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit Christian-based ministry.
        Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity (LHFH) is the local affiliate and celebrates 25 years of service. The Holland ReStore started in 2004. There are 73 other affiliates in the state.
          What is Habitat for Humanity? It is a partnership, home building and home repair Christian ministry in Ottawa and Allegan counties that has served more than 150 families and 700 individuals since 1990. LHFH assists income-challenged families in realizing their dream of home ownership or better quality living conditions through affordable loans.
       The Holland ReStore is staffed by approximately 10 volunteers that includes the warehouse and administration people. The ReStore manager is Katrina Treat; ReStore Decon Team Leader is Travis Steinhoff; and the Procurement Manager is Tom Steel.
       The ReStore is a funding source and income stream for the LHFH ministry to operate the deconstruction and building of homes.
       Deconstruction consists of two types: structural and non-structural. Structural decon involves dismantling and then re-using and recycling the structural components of a building, such as bricks, stones and lumber. Non-structural decon is also known as soft-stripping and involves re-using and recycling the non-structural components of a building, like appliances, cabinets, doors and windows.
       Procurement Manager Steel says, “We keep 1.33 lbs of waste out of the landfills for every $1 spent at the Restore. We kept 212 tons of waste out of landfills last year.”
       Deconstruction is a way of helping communities reduce construction waste while gaining inventory for the ReStore.
       “The ReStore completes 30-40 kitchen deconstructions per year; 4-5 whole homes per year, using staff and volunteers,” says Steel. Deconstruction focuses on kitchens, rooms and furniture.
       Steel continues, “The three basic guidelines for home ownership are: need for housing, ability to repay the mortgage, and willingness to partner. Each homeowner has to pay for 100% of their home.” HFHI says, “We offer a hand up…not a hand out!”
       Treat, and Steinhoff are on the Board of Directors of the ministry and the applicants are screened by the board and interviewed.
       “The homeowner must compete 250 hours of sweat work and a couple must complete 500 hours,” says Steel. “Mortgages are 0% loans. At present, we have at least three new homes under construction.”
       The Holland ReStore is consistently recognized as one of the top stores in the state based on gross sales and sales per square feet. It is  17,000 square feet. Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity participates in Local First, a networking support for businesses. The ReStore accepts donations from companies and individuals.
       Schedule a pick-up or deconstruction by calling (616) 399-7006. The location is 12727 Riley Street in Holland.
   Their website: It was created and maintained by Allison VanderPloeg. Eleven different staff members contribute to the website. Their new Executive Director is Don Wilkinson.

Lakeshore Habitat For Humanity Celebrating 25 Years Of Helping Others With Help From The Holland Restore

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