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April 22, 2019 12:01 pm

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If Awarded, MI Coastal Zone Management Grant Will Be Used To Replace Wade's Bayou Dock

        If the City of Douglas is awarded a State of Michigan Coastal Zone Management Grant, which it is currently in the process of applying for, it will replace the existing dockage at Wade’s Bayou with a “universally accessible” dinghy dock, mooring anywhere between six to 10 boats.
        “It will be a huge improvement,” Douglas City Manager Bill LeFevere recently told his city council.
        City officials say they are hopeful they will be awarded the grant, which helps coastal communities’ efforts in re-development.
        The $60,000 award comes with a 50% matching figure, meaning Douglas would be expected to pay $30,000.
        “It is a universally accessible, barrier-free floating dock. It will, for example, help those very young kids who are not that sturdy yet, those persons in wheelchairs, or elderly folks that don’t have the stability get into a boat,” said Douglas Zoning Administrator and Community Development Director Lisa Imus.
        “It will be yet another feature that will bring people to Douglas, have them visit downtown or make use of the beach-to-bayou trail,” she noted,
       In other Douglas city news, the council last week approved the Tri-Community Master Plan for distribution to neighboring municipalities.
        The Tri-Community consist of the cities of Douglas and Saugatuck as well as Saugatuck Township.
        “The Master Plan started back in 2005,” said Imus. “It says how we (the Tri-Community) are going to work together recreationally, demographically and economically in future development.
        “It also establishes priorities related to those,” Imus told The Local Observer Monday morning.
        She further explained another big benefit.
        “There are many grants that municipalities apply for that ask you for your regional plan. A regional plan gives the grant benefactor that wider vision you are aiming for in your efforts.”
        The resolution is not the actual approval of the Tri-Community Master Plan, explained  LeFevere.
        “We are merely completing a process in a chain of events,” he said about the resolution meant to distribute the Master Plan draft so that adjoining jurisdictions can review it.
        The Saugatuck City Council approved the Master Plan this past Monday.

If Awarded, MI Coastal Zone Management Grant Will Be Used To Replace Wade’s Bayou Dock

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