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March 19, 2019 1:41 pm

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Iconic Hoopdee Scootee Store Closing Its Doors After 34 Great Years!

      Tears are flowing and a wealth of memories are being shared with the announcement that one of Saugatuck’s most iconic specialty stores is closing its doors this fall.
        Hoopdee Scootee, after 34 years as one of the most recognized shops in this West Michigan vacation mecca, will be clearing out its fun, frivolous and fascinating offerings and closing its doors this fall, according to one of its long-time owners, Neil Atherton.
        With partner Jim Yaroch, the two connoisseurs of convivial, colorful wonders opened Hoopdee Scootee and watched their beloved store become the “must visit” emporium gracing the resort town.
        They started by filling their shop with pink flamingos and hot pink feathers and never looked back.
        And no one who has ever visited this storied business gem walks away without noticing - and smiling about - the pair of gorgeous gams protruding from the upstairs window signaling to young and old they’ve reached their favorite store.
        It’s those luscious legs - with some help from the marketing genius of Atherton and Yaroch - that really put the store on the map.
        First met with some derision and efforts to have the sexy appendages pulled from sight by some frothy townsfolk, Atherton and Yaroch decided to fight the fight to keep their lusty legs in full view atop their business.
        When the legs were later stolen by some puckish pranksters, it grabbed headlines around the country.
        The legend grew when local CBS affiliate WWMT picked up the story and it even made it all the way to the Big Apple when Connie Chung did a segment about it on the national news.
        The owners offered a whopping reward and the legs were returned, completely unharmed.
Chung did a follow-up to the story announcing their safe re-emergence in the window!
        “This is very emotional for us,” said Atherton about the closing from his Boca Raton, Fl., home. “This was where all our fun began and ended. We will miss it terribly!. 

Iconic Hoopdee Scootee Store Closing Its Doors After 34 Great Years!

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