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March 19, 2019 12:59 pm

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Helping Patients, Serving The Community Is Dr. Frank Alfieri's Specialty

   Many business owners choose their careers and stay in them for the joy of helping others. That is especially true for Dr. Frank Alfieri, III, owner of Alfieri Family Chiropractic at 3484 Blue Star Highway.
        The practice specializes in offering individualized care to promote spinal integrity for total health. It strives to treat underlying causes of pain with natural and conservative methods.
        Patients commonly seek treatment for headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, back pain, sciatica and much more. The practice can also refer patients to a comprehensive area network of related specialists as needed.
        “Working with patients toward maintaining optimal health is one of our primary goals, so they don’t get hurt again,” he said.
        “In addition to teaching clients about exercise and nutrition, we also consult with them about lifestyle and improvements they can make if they want to be healthy and stay healthy.”
        Alfieri is proud to be native to this area, with familiarity that has given him a unique perspective and helped him relate to patients for nearly 35 years.
        “We are certainly a mom-and-pop business,” he said. “I was raised on a blueberry farm. I have a lot of apple and blueberry farmers coming in.”
        Growing up on a blueberry farm is what brought Alfieri to his profession. His father also worked in construction. With a family of five boys, he could not take time off for any ailments.
        “When he threw his back out, he couldn’t lie down and be out of work for a week,” he said. “He went to a chiropractor and, boom, he was back on the job. I was very impressed by that.”
        Alfieri saw the specialty work the same “magic” with a close friend as well.
        “In college I went to a chiropractor for the first time when I threw my back out,” he said. “I crawled in and walked out – with all-natural treatment, no drugs.”
        When Alfieri finally started chiropractic school, he and his wife, Jane Alfieri, now the business manager, had an eight-month-old boy and their daughter was on the way. That same daughter, now Dr. Betzi Alfieri, started at the practice a decade ago, giving him a chance to “semi-retire.” However, he prefers to see patients a few days a week.
        Alfieri says staying near Saugatuck and living on the lake was always the top goal for him and his wife.
        The field has grown and changed dramatically in the time since he started. Next to medical service and dental services, it is number three in sought-after healthcare services, he said.
        “It is estimated that it will grow by almost 30 percent, really catching on by 2020.”
        Alfieri has seen his practice grow tremendously, going from about 500 clients at the start – to serving more than 15,000 people collectively during his career.
        Sure, people come and go, but I’ve seen a lot of people – it’s amazing, he said.
        While Alfieri is locally focused, he certainly celebrates a diverse background of broader experiences.
        He serves as an extension faculty member of Palmer College of Chiropractic studies. He is widely published in industry journals and has lectured nationally and internationally as a member of the International Chiropractic Association.
        This winter’s Olympic Games held special meaning for Alfieri, who vividly recalls serving as the South Korean Military Team Doctor at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea and at the 1986 Asian Games there as well.
        “One of the most intense things I’ve ever had happen is when I was a team doctor and one of the organizers for the 86h Asian games and the Olympics in Seoul, Korea,” he said. “It was a phenomenal experience.”
        Alfieri brought his children, ages 11 and 12 at the time.
        “We were sitting in a Korean airplane and an Israeli delegate boarded the plane with the torch,” he said. “I got to hold it and my kids got to hold it.”
        Also chilling, it was the same Olympics when Israeli team members were killed.
        “I remember it clearly and I will as long as I live,” he said, recalling how he felt when national anthems were played for each player on the pedestal during medal distribution ceremonies. “I still get goose bumps. To be there was the most awesome experience ever.”
        Alfieri has always enjoyed working with athletes, offering a free sports clinic to Saugatuck and Fennville High School athletes through his entire career.
        “We take care of hundreds and hundreds of student athletes that I do not charge for,“ he said. “It’s a way I give back to the community.     “The cool thing about running the sports clinics, is that after all these years, I’m now seeing patients whose parents were athletes when I first started.
        “It is so rewarding to be involved in their families’ healthcare for their whole lives. That’s why I do it. I love it.”
       Dr. Frank Alfieri says he hopes to remain a hometown-style chiropractor. In fact, he sometimes even makes house calls and visits to nursing homes.
        “It’s been so rewarding – I’ll never retire,” he said with a laugh and a kind smile.
   Alfieri Family Chiropractic is open six days each week. Walk-ins are always welcome. For information or appointments, call: (269) 857-1000.

Helping Patients, Serving The Community Is Dr. Frank Alfieri’s Specialty

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