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March 19, 2019 12:45 pm

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Fennville's Sue Fuerst Remembers 46 Years With Her Head In The Clouds & A World Filled With Baggage And Beers

       Sue Fuerst sat in her living room remembering her 46 years as a flight attendant for United Airlines.
          “I’ve traveled all over the world,” Sue says. “Asia, South America, Mexico, Europe, I spent 10 years just traveling on Charter flights in the 80’s.
          “Honolulu once a week in the 80’s was another route I flew. Munich, Paris, London, Frankfort, Amsterdam, Brussels, all in 25 years.”
          She mostly flew either Boeing 777 or 767’s. However, she flew in every type of airplane that United had in the air.
          “My favorite place to fly was Munich, Germany because of all the places in the world it has the best beer.”
          Sue laughs at her recollection. “Every area in Germany has its own style of beer, but I’ve never found anything better than the beer in Munich. Munich also has wonderful restaurants and every street has great architecture.
          “You know, Munich was bombed during the Second World War but it was rebuilt as before. Hitler started his campaign there in Munich.  Dachau, the death camp, was nearby.
          “I never was involved in a crash or a terrorist hijacking nor the birth of a baby or a death in the air,” says Sue. “During my 46 years I retired nine airplanes that no longer fly.”   
          Sue remembers some of the famous people who flew on her flights.
        “George and Barbara Bush flew on one of my trips to Beijing, China. That was in the 70’s. Terry Bradshaw and Joe Green were on planes I flew with the rest of the Pittsburgh Steelers. We also carried the Notre Dame Football team and there were always various congressmen going to Hawaii on my planes. ”
          Sue commented on airplane security.
        “Since 911 things changed drastically; more security regulations.”
          “The only thing I can think that was unusual during my years as a flight attendant,” remembers Sue, “was that three different men peed in the aisle outside the bathroom waiting for their turn.
        “Of course you can’t eject a customer at 35,000 feet so we cleaned it up and they were dealt with at the end of the flight. Drunks can be rude on flights, but many people are helpful with that situation, too.
          “Now I’m trying to get used to not working and I volunteer at a lot of places, specifically church work.”
          Sue is starting a new phase of her life, essentially with her feet on the ground.
          Sue’s husband, Larry Fuerst, has been flying as a pilot for 45 years and is still in the air.

Fennville’s Sue Fuerst Remembers 46 Years With Her Head In The Clouds & A World Filled With Baggage And Beers

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