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March 18, 2019 2:03 pm

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Fennville's Su Casa Restaurant Closing Its Doors; Opening In Holland

     The owner of Fennville’s Mexican Restaurant Su Casa has closed its doors as of this past weekend, on September 29.
      According to the manager of Chemical Bank, Erica Ramos, “Edgar (Suarez) will be reopening a restaurant in Holland in the near future. It will be across from Nature’s Market in the mini-mall (on Washington ).
      “The building here in Fennville was planned to go up for auction, but I’m not sure what’s happening with that as two auction dates have passed.
      “It’s really sad that Fennville is losing this restaurant,” she says.  
      Ramos would not speculate on whether the State of Michigan closed the doors of the restaurant because of unpaid taxes, saying she had no information about that.
      Observer Newspapers found owner Edgar Suarez and his son-in-law, Rubin Gracia, moving a piece of equipment out of the restaurant. Edgar was asked if the State closed him down for unpaid taxes.
      “No, we are not leaving because of the state,” said Edgar.
      Rubin says, “He’s been here in Fennville 30 years, 25 in the old place, and five in the new one. He is very sad to leave Fennville.”
      When asked why Edgar was moving his restaurant, Rubin says, “We don’t have time to talk about it now, we are moving this equipment.”    He added, “But, we are sorry to leave. Come and see us in the new restaurant at 1012 South Washington in Holland.”
      Not only will the largest Fennville restaurant now be closed, but also the Mexican market where many of the residents of Fennville bought their groceries.   
      Edgar confirmed that the building would go up for auction with all the contents.
      Rubin added that all the food items were given to Edgar’s son who has a restaurant in South Haven.
      Fennville Downtown Development Authority member Claude Rummer says, “I really don’t know anything about the closing excerpt I heard they were going to auction off the building and all the contents in the building.”
      Fennville’ Mayor Dan Rastall had no information on the closing, adding he had no information on any tax issues.
      “I only heard about it on Facebook and that they were moving to Holland,” says Rastall.

Fennville’s Su Casa Restaurant Closing Its Doors; Opening In Holland

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