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June 16, 2019 6:34 am

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Fennville Construction Work Ongoing

        Claude Rummer, member of the Fennville Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has reported on the construction work going on in downtown Fennville.
          “Abonmarche Engineering is responsible for the construction happening on the parking lot on M-89 and Maple Street,” says Rummer. “Twenty Specialties is the sub-contractor who is actually doing the work. They should be finished with the project no later than the first of June. We want everything ready for the Goose Festival in the fall.

          “Amy Cook, our president, used to work for Abonmarche and they are the ones who face-lifted the downtown district of Fennville a few years ago. We hope to have 29 parking spaces, lights and a rain/water garden in the new space.”
          The water garden will have plants that will cleanse the dirty water that will drain from a water pipe that is located in the area being developed. No structure can be built over the drain pipe.
  “In the future we to come up with ideas about what to do with the grassy area next to the parking lot,” says Rummer. “Maybe something the community can be proud of, like a sitting area with benches, or a picnic area.”
          The entire project will cost the DDA $99,000, funds that will be matched with a grant.
          “In the future we are looking at possibly erecting charging posts for electrical cars.”
          The finished project will set off the downtown district of Fennville and allow more visitors to come to the town.

Fennville Construction Work Ongoing

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