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March 18, 2019 1:42 pm

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Editor's Notes: When Is Enough, Enough?

     When is enough, enough?
        When do two self-agrandizing, ego-driven, bombastic blowhards stop with their baseless allegations against good people simply trying to do their jobs for the public good?
        Why do we allow/put up with/accept the bellicose bellyaching of pathetic “poor-me” goons who spew their venomous attacks on others at public and private gatherings?
        Since when has it become acceptable for these individuals to shout out profanications such as “You f—king assholes” and “You’re out of order, asshole!” and “flip the bird” to our elected officials and violently storm out during a public city council meeting with young people and old sitting in the audience and having access to it on videotape as Doug McIntosh did Monday night?
       I feel compelled to resort to my descriptive name-calling terms for John Newland and McIntosh, owners of Roan & Black art gallery on the Blue Star Highway, only because I have now come to believe that these two juvenile individuals who are wasting everyone’s time with their cry-baby antics and their demonstrably false public accusations against whomever challenges them, can only understand the outrage people are feeling toward them through their own junior high school-level verbiage.
        I learned many years ago that when confronted by bullies you stand up to them and their uselsess and empty threats (this pair likes to threaten people with legal action if you dare to criticize/disagree with them).
        Want a short list of the recent accomplishments of these self-destructive, wanna-be community leaders?
        * At a recent Saugatuck Area Business Association (SABA) meeting the pair repeatedly badgered  board members with how they were inadequately serving their constituents and eventually drove one of the most giving, dedicated and involved members of the Saugatuck area - Marilyn Starring - to storm out in rage over their repeated condescending and accusatory comments.
        * Newland showing up at Saugatuck City Hall and loudly haranguing City Clerk Monica Looman with false accusations and demands for apoligies for how he and his partner - yes, they - were being unfairly treated until City Manager Kirk Harrier was forced to step in.
        * Newland and McIntosh repeatedly lying - yes, lying - to me about 1. never having talked to one of our reporters yet being quoted in the paper; (Newland finally was forced to admit he had); 2. Newland lying by saying he never (NEVER!) used the words “dubious scare tactics” as he was quoted in the Observer when referring to actions by city officials (he’s on videotape using just those very words in accusations of alleged wrongdoing by city leaders); 3. McIntosh lying to anyone who will listen by sending out a message to his “Saugatuck/Douglas friends” that The Local Observer printed two articles in the past two weeks that are “completely fabricated stories made up by the Mayor of Saugatuck, the City clerk and city manager.”
        McIntosh apparently thinks if he lies about something often enough someone just might believe what he says is true, regardless of the fact his statements are provably false.
        * McIntosh calling me a “f—cking asshole” (sound familiar?) during a telephone call when he was repeatedly confronted by me about his incessant lies and baseless threats of legal action if we didn’t kowtow to him and my telling him what he could do with his angry demands.
        There are numerous other examples of how these two pompous and divisive individuals are spreading their wondrous joy and good tidings to others in the community who don’t measure up to their expectations, intelligence and worldly greatness.
        For me the last straw perpetrated by this egotistical pair who seem to delight in their public and frenzied fanatical follies is McIntosh’s use of the f-bomb and middle-finger salute to city officials during this week’s public city council meeting.
        McIntosh is already spinning his defense by saying the city officials basically drove him to such extreme actions.
        Excuse my language, dear readers, but “Horsecrap!”
        It’s time for this pair to quit pestering/accusing/abusing our government officials and the citizens who are forced to listen to their rants and raves and filthy language in public where kids and adults alike have no choice but to endure their boorish behavior. And here’s a novel idea:  perhaps focus their energies on keeping their gallery financially solvent.
        I may be wrong, but pissing off an entire community can’t be good for business. But what do I know? I’m just another “f—cking asshole” with a barrel of ink!

Editor’s Notes: When Is Enough, Enough?

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