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March 21, 2019 11:54 pm

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Edgewater To Hold May 7 Harbor Meeting At SBC

       The City of the Village of Douglas has engaged Edgewater Resources to expand their current waterfront master planning services to include long-term harbor planning services to address the broader harbor issues that impact the future of the Douglas community.
        The harbor planning services, originally envisioned to be completed as a single project for the Kalamazoo Lake Harbor Authority, are now being completed under two separate contracts to the Douglas and Saugatuck communities to allow for the individual needs of each community.
   Edgewater Resources is also working with Williams & Works on the city-wide Master Plan, which is a related, but separate effort.
        The purpose of this effort is to assess alternative strategies for addressing the sedimentation of Kalamazoo Lake, including taking no action, and clearly communicating the potential impacts of the various alternatives on the visual and functional aspects of the waterway, and potential impacts on the economics and character of the community. These elements will be defined and clearly communicated to the community, with the objective to define a consensus plan that can ultimately be adopted by the City of the Village of Douglas.
        The approach to this project is to collaborate with the community and regulatory agencies, build on the engineering studies completed to date, and identify a methodology that answers the fundamental question of how to pay for the implementation of the selected plan.
        The first of a series of five community meetings will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 7 at the Saugatuck Brewing Company.
        The primary objective of the first Community Visioning Session is to outline the issues and goals of the project, and then gather direct feedback on the community‚Äôs vision for the harbor.
        We will achieve this through a visual preference survey, where a wide range of images of great harbors from around the world will be presented.
        Feedback on what the community wants to see in the harbor will be gathered directly from verbal comments, written comments, and interactive exercises.
        Future sessions will explore a range of alternatives based on the feedback received, which will then be refined over a series of meetings into a single consensus plan based on feedback from the community and permitting agencies.
   All meetings will be documented online in a project website that will allow those who cannot attend the meetings a venue to follow the process and provide direct feedback..

Edgewater To Hold May 7 Harbor Meeting At SBC

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