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April 22, 2019 12:57 pm

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Douglas To Consider Possible Renewal Of Refuse Services With Chef Container Later This Year

      The city of Douglas is in its fifth year of a contract with Chef Container, the selected sole contractor of choice for curbside refuse and recycling services for its residents, and it will soon be up for renewal later this year, officials recently announced.
        “There are several things that we need to re-evaluate,” said Douglas City Manager Bill LeFevere about the upcoming renewal.
        Increasing recycling levels was one goal. Other aspects to consider as city officials gauge the single-hauler refuse program these last few years includes surcharges and possible future incremental charges.
        The City of Saugatuck recently renewed a similar contract with Chef. Saugatuck Township officials turned down the option after hearing from residents during a recent public session.
        A preliminary assessment indicates that Douglas residents are generally satisfied with the services and that city’s goals have been accomplished: reduction of a number of heavy trucks on local streets; having a single pickup day; limiting noise and air pollution; and keeping costs down for residents.
        “We hope that our Yellow Bag Recycling program has been one of the deciding factors in choosing Chef Container,” said Chef founder and owner Sean Steele says in the informative memo linked to the city’s website.
        “We look forward to helping you by expanding our services and finding new homes for additional recycle products each year,” added Steele.
        Touted as a convenience, Chef’s system entails a “single-stream collection,” whereby customers put both refuse and recycling in the same container.
        There are different size gallon roll carts available. For example, a 65-gallon container costs $137.02 annually while a 96-gallon container will run $160.73, according to Chef customer representatives. Bills are mailed quarterly or annually.
        The city holds its own leaf, brush and yard waste pickup schedule throughout the year. As far as household hazardous waste is concerned, the city guides residents to Westshore Recycling & Transfer Station where different charges apply for different hazardous items.
         One thing the city wants to expand is the opportunity for “cleanup days;” under the current contract, Chef issues one voucher per year per household for half a ton of refuse material that can be dropped off at the Chef location.
        Additional services Chef provides for additional charges includes, among others, additional bagged garbage, yard waste service, and cleanup dumpsters.
        Further information about acceptable recycling items, request for yellow bags, and more is available on the Chef website at

Douglas To Consider Possible Renewal Of Refuse Services With Chef Container Later This Year

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