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June 18, 2019 5:29 pm

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Despite Issues With Engineering Firm, Douglas Officials Will Continue On Two Projects

        “We did not get got we paid for,” Douglas City Manager Bill LeFevere told The Local Observer following Monday’s council meeting, referring to two projects that are a coordinated effort between Allegan County and the city.
        Those two projects include  work along Center Streeet for the Beach to Bayou Trail, and work in and around the Wilderness Ridge subdivision as part of the Warnock Drain Project.  
        During the meeting LeFevere reported the city will continue working with Driesenga Associates, Inc., the engineering firm retained by the Allegan County Drain Commission for the drain project, to find solutions to a site condition that does not provide the space necessary to continue the trail.
        The drain project consists of the installation of soil erosion and sedimentation controls as well as storm sewer work along Center Street, and sewer and open drain work within the Wilderness Ridge subdivision.
        The trail is a paved, two-mile walking and bicycle path from Wade’s Bayou through downtown along Center Street to Lakeshore Drive and Douglas Beach at Lake Michigan.
        Running along the north side of Center Street, the paved trail is not fully completed, starting at Wade’s Bayou and currently ending at the entrance to Wilderness Ridge.
        It is a project that will not cost taxpayers, say city officials.
        “The primary concern is in the area where they open cut and replaced the culvert crossing Center Street located just west of the entrance to Wilderness Ridge. While the engineered plans called for sufficient room to install the pathway behind the guardrail, the finished project in that area did not; and resolving this presents the biggest challenge,” a July 5 memo from LeFevere to city council states.
        “Further west along Center Street the drain project placed several catch basins at various locations which the pathway will also need to work around, but there appears to be sufficient width available to accommodate the path without further encroachment into the neighboring properties.
        “The drain project also scarred a number of trees and we will have the Tree Board evaluate how best to deal with those.”
        The city is currently reviewing drawings showing modifications to the topographical work.
        “We are doing our best to push the project along so that the pathway can be completed, as planned, yet this summer,” stated LeFevere’s memo.

Despite Issues With Engineering Firm, Douglas Officials Will Continue On Two Projects

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