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March 19, 2019 12:45 pm

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Christmas Cookie Caper Trio Leave No Crumbs Or Clues

      Dozens of “Christmas Cookie Tour of Inns” ticket holders attending a Saugatuck event were left empty handed when three well dressed ladies diverted the attention of a participating innkeeper and made off with his entire stash of home baked cookies.
      According to Rusty Ross, manager of the Blue Star Motel in Douglas - a recently remodeled chic little retro motor-inn:
      “Three ladies came into our lobby with cookie tour designer bags and presented their tour tickets. While I was escorting one of the ladies to see our newly refurbished rooms the other two cleaned us out of all of our cookies!”
      He continued, “We were devastated! We had no cookies left for the remaining tour participants who were entitled to one cookie per ticket holder…all we had left were little bags of Chex-Mix!”
      The event sponsored by the Saugatuck-Douglas Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) was the first-annual Christmas Cookie Tour of Inns for the area.
      Felicia Fairchild, executive director of the CVB, was disappointed to hear about the “cookie caper” but not entirely surprised.
      “There is a lot of stiff competition out there to win the coveted ‘Best Cookie Award’…Rusty’s cookies were very popular and gaining momentum with the cookie crowd,” said Fairchild.
      “It is entirely possible that these ladies were deliberately trying to sabotage Rusty’s chance at winning the title…either that or they were just too lazy to bake their own Christmas cookies.”
      The Saugatuck-Douglas police have no leads or information on the suspects except that they were good looking and well dressed.
      They left no clues or crumbs for the police to follow. The victim was unable to provide police with a license plate number or make and model of their car.
      Anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of these cookie kleptos will be eligible to join the bureau’s e-news list and have their name entered into a drawing for a free weekend getaway in Saugatuck.
      If you have information about the cookie caper, contact the Saugatuck-Douglas Visitors Bureau on FaceBook at :

Christmas Cookie Caper Trio Leave No Crumbs Or Clues

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