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April 21, 2019 6:56 am

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Beware Of Copycat Menu Guide Sellers! Make Sure You Only Sign Up With The Original Local Observer Menu Guide 2016

     They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
        Well not when a certain Clare County-based newspaper company comes to town and tries to go around selling a poor  imitation of the highly successful Local Observer Menu Guide for 2016!
        The Local Observer Menu Guide is the only quality publication that is mailed directly via the U.S. Postal Service to  thousands of homes and businesses from South Haven to Holland, Saugatuck, Douglas, Fennville, Saugatuck Township and all points in between every June.
        It is the only Menu Guide delivered to hotels, motels, B&Bs, visitor booths, stores and shops throughout all of West Michigan  several times a year to bring your restaurant and businesses the largest customer reach in the State of Michigan.
        Because we provide both print and electronic versions of our Menu Guide each year that reaches more than 125,000 people throughout West Michigan - including Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo - through home  deliveries, scores of distribution sites, email and text send-outs with links to our online, electronic  version of our popular publication  using our proprietary Michigan database of customers, only the Local Observer Menu Guide can bring you the customers and results you’ve come to expect. And we don’t just tell you about our readership and delivery numbers, we  verify them for all our advertisers!
        The Clare County-based newspaper company trying to sell you their johnny-come-lately  version of a Menu Guide only has a newspaper circulation of about 400 subscribers in all of Allegan County for its so-called local paper that they try to sell you for a buck based on verified U.S. Postal Service  numbers printed in their own weekly newspaper each fall. Not much of a return on your advertising purchase there!
        So to all restaurant owners or managers who are approached by phone or a person trying to sell you their Menu Guide advertisements, ask if they’re with Observer Newspapers. If not, don’t waste your precious advertising  dollars.
        Call us to make sure you’re getting the best, largest-circulation Menu Guide available in Michigan from the company that brings you the original:
     The Local Observer Menu Guide!
        Call us today at:  (269) 244-3744, (269) 455-5147 or email us at:
   We bring you results!

Beware Of Copycat Menu Guide Sellers! Make Sure You Only Sign Up With The Original Local Observer Menu Guide 2016

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