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June 18, 2019 5:57 pm

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     With the arrival of the fall season and the quickly upcoming winter slow down all local and area businesses experience before the next booming spring and summertime tourist explosion is upon us once again, it becomes even more important to make sure your hard-earned advertising dollars are working for you!
        We know you feel the same way. And when it comes to advertising, the most important thing for you to understand when you make your decision where to place your ad is how many people are going to actually see it. Every state and national advertising study makes it very clear: the more people that see your advertisement, the more likely it is they will choose you when they want to buy your goods or services.
        Pretty simple, right?
        We think a well-informed business community needs all the information necessary to make a sound business decision when it comes to buying advertising.
        As you may know, there are two local newspapers serving the area: The Local Observer & The Commercial Record.
        We at The Local Observer think it is important for every business to know the difference in circulation (that’s the number of newspapers your ad will appear in and that customers receive) between our two newspapers and the additional services we provide at no additional cost and what our competitor provides you as well so you can compare.
        As far as the cost of printing your advertising in our newspapers, our rates are fairly comparable. We both provide advertising rate sheets for you to review. We both offer special deals periodically as well. And print advertising is still one of the most cost-effective and successful marketing tools for any business, say marketing professionals.
        So what’s the difference between The Local Observer and The Commercial Record when it comes to deciding where to place your ads? Simple: the number of people - your potential customers - our newspapers go to so they can see your ad.
        Now here’s where our two newspapers are drastically different.
        The Local Observer prints thousands of newspapers each week for our readers (and your customers) and that includes the approximately 4,000 copies that are mailed through the U.S. Postal Service free to each and every household and business in Saugatuck, Douglas, Saugatuck Township and the parts of Fennville under the Saugatuck Township umbrella.
         We also print many more copies of our newspaper to place in our 72 distribution sites from just south of Holland down to South Haven and locations in between.
        Also, at absolutely no additional cost to our advertisers, if you advertise in The Local Observer print edition, your ad is automatically included in our FREE online E-edition at which receives thousands of hits each week from our loyal readers both in the local area, Allegan County, around the State of Michigan and the country!
        We can even put your ad in our new, popular E-magazine, the West Michigan Observer, which is emailed and texted each month to our more than 126,640 readers from Grand Rapids to Holland to South Haven to Kalamazoo and points in between along the West Michigan lakshore region.
        And we at The Local Observer don’t make our readers pay us any money to view each, full edition of our newspaper each week online, like our competitor does. Readers of The Commercial Record that go online must pay $35 a year to even see their publication online.
        What does that mean to you as an advertiser? No potential customer gets to see your ad in The Commercial Record’s online edition unless they fork over $35 up front. Not many people choose to pay that fee! In The Local Observer, they see your ad each week for free! Which makes more sense to you as an advertiser?
        We at The Local Observer are also happy to show any advertiser our printing and mailing records each week to verify our circulation numbers. No games. No guess work.
       Now let’s compare The Local Observer print and circulation numbers with The Commercial Record.
        And neither we - nor you - have to guess at what the actual print and circulation numbers are for The Commercial Record as they are required each year by the U.S. Postal Service to print in their own newspaper a “Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation.”
        The Commercial Record publishes that statement under a “PUBLIC NOTICE” heading that we know most people just glance over if they read it at all. But if you are a business and you advertise, those numbers should be important to you.
        We just provided you The Local Observer print and distribution numbers and now here are The Commercial Record numbers for comparision that they just published in their own newspaper on Page 7 of their Oct. 6, 2016 issue. We’ll keep this very simple for you.
       The U.S. Postal Service requires The Commercial Record to publish the total number of newspapers they print each week, both by average of numbers of copies each week over the previous year and then the number of newspapers they printed nearest the filing deadline (Oct. 7, 2016).
        The Commercial Record also must publish the number of newspapers they mail out each week both outside Allegan County and inside Allegan County.
        If you’re a business owner or manager in our local area, you would probably be most interested in how many people in the surrounding area - your potential customer base -  receive your advertisement in The Commercial Record compared to how many receive and read The Local Observer.
       Here are The Commercial Record print and circulation numbers that appeared in their own notice in their own newspaper on Oct. 7, 2016:
     Total number of newspapers printed each week printed just before Oct. 7, 2016:  766

     Total number of paid subscriptions  mailed to subscribing readers outside Allegan County just before Oct. 7,  2016:  284

     Total number of paid subscriptions  mailed to subscribing readers IN all of Allegan County just before Oct. 7, 2016:  411
        The in-Allegan county subcription numbers should be important to all local and area businesses/advertisers. Your ad, if placed in The Commercial Record  goes to only 411 potential customers in all of Allegan County! And remember, The Commercial Record only prints 766 total copies of their newspaper overall each week!
     Compare that to The Local Observer that prints and mails approximatly 4,000 copies of its newspaper - and your advertisement - to each and every home and business in your selling area PLUS the substantial number of additional copies printed and delivered each week to our neighboring cities and towns so your advertisement can be seen by thousands of additional potential customers!
        We think both publication’s print and circulation numbers are important. We think you as smart business people do to. We know how important your advertising dollars are to you and that they be used in the most responsible way to give you the best bang for your buck.
       We think the choice is obvious. Call or email The Local Observer today so we can talk to you about how our combined, low-cost advertising services and fall & winter ad specials can work for you!
Observer Office Service:
(269) 244-3744
(If you would like a copy of The Commercial Record notice containing their print and circulation numbers, please email us at: and we’ll be happy to send you their very own published report verifying their numbers.)


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