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November 19, 2018 7:51 pm

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New Saugatuck Township Officials Accept Resignation Of Township Manager

The mostly newly-elected Saugatuck Township Board unanimously voted to “accept the resignation” of controversial Saugatuck Township Manager Aaron Sheridan, following a one-hour closed session at the standing-room-only special meeting on Tuesday night.

The decision to accept his resignation and end Sheridan’s role with the township is a move... continue reading

Douglas City Manager Wants Saugatuck Officials To Pay For His City's Police Department Responses In The Neighboring City; Saugatuck City Manager Says As A Mutual Aid Agreement Member No Payment Is Owed

When the City of Saugatuck opted to separate itself from the joint police department with the City of Douglas earlier this year, it relinquished its right to be a party to the mutual aid agreement which numerous regional municipalities are signatories to, according to Douglas City Manager Bill LeFevere.

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Saugatuck Public Schools' Facilities Committee Progress Report

The Saugatuck Public Schools Facilities Committee reported on their progress in developing a revised facilities plan for the district at the board of education workshop held November 5th. More than 375 parents and community members participated in the Saugatuck Public Schools’ facilities survey completed in August 2018.
Results... continue reading

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