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June 27, 2017 2:49 am

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Township Official's Falsehoods Roll On...(Or Here We Go Again)

   A couple of years ago Saugatuck Township Board Member Roy McIlwaine met with me at Spectator’s restaurant and thanked me profusely for hiring his son, Bill, to sell ads for The Local Observer’s Menu Guide despite the fact his son had a history of substance abuse problems and other... continue reading

Township Officials Pull Back From Unilateral Fire Code Reforms; Now Working With Fire Chief

      Both fire department representatives and Saugatuck Township officials held back their commentary regarding the township’s controversial proposal to “unilaterally” rewrite the International Fire Code (IFC) as well as the township’s cost recovery ordinance proposal, saying the township and the Saugatuck Township Fire District (STFD) board will continue holding... continue reading

Douglas Estates' Residents Bring Issue Of Feral Cat Problem To City Officials

      Not everything is cute and furry when it comes to cats in the Saugatuck area.
        While local fire department representatives reported a mother cat climbing a ladder to rescue her kittens during a recent house blaze, the issue of feral cats in the... continue reading
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